Hosting FAQ's

How quickly can my site be up? 

Once your order and payment is processed by our system, you will receive an email with all of your account and control panel information. You will then be able to begin setting up your email accounts and ftp your site up to our server. This is typically done within 20 minutes. Your website url may take up to 48hrs to propagate via the internet although it typically takes a couple of hours.

When can I begin using my email?

Even though these days typically we see email working within hours, it could take up to 48hrs to be active.
Note: your email will not work until your domain becomes active, meaning you will be able to "see" your website when you type the url on your browser..

What if I need secure transactions?

I plan to have an e-commerce site. If you want to use web pages that are capable of passing information to and from your users in a secure fashion, then you need a secure certificate or ssl. We provide free what is called a "server wide" certificate that enables your domain to be used securely or if you prefer you may order your own ssl certificate which sometimes might work better depending on your site's software requirements.

What is your hosting guarantee?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and NO hosting long term contracts. We believe in a service based business relationship. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our hosting services you may cancel via the Client Portal and contact us before your initial 30 days are up for a full refund excluding domain registration fees. (You keep your domain). After the initial 30 days you may cancel your account at any time via the Client Portal.

Can I host any type of site?
If you are considering a website which is "out of the norm" please revise our hosting policy before contracting services with We have strict policies in order to be able to offer quality hosting to all of our clients. Your servcies MUST NOT only be used for lawful purposes but MUST NOT contain pornographic content or sex related merchandising. For more detials we recomend you read our Hosting Policy.

What type of payments do you accept?

We Accept MC, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, PAYPAL, CASHIER'S CHECKS, BUSINESS AND PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS. Please note that credit card transactions may be processed immediately and therefore your service will be activated the same day. Any other form of payment will require a waiting period to clear.

How am I billed?

If by credit card or PayPal you have the option of being charged monthly, quarterly, semi-annualy or annualy automatically.  Any upgrades or additions will be added to your monthly bill and charged accordingly.
If paying by check, you will be invoiced for 6 months in advance.

Will I be able to upgrade my hosting services?

Absolutely, the best part of hosting with is the available upgrades such as secure hosted exchange, wireless smart phone syncronization, etc.. You can upgrade your account at any time to include any Add-Ons you would like to subscribe to.

Do I have to register a domain through HomePageOnline?

You can look up and register a domain through at the same time you order hosting and this will keep all of your hosting informaiton in one place. If you prefer to register your own domain with another registrar, you can do that as well.  There is absolutely NO requirement that you must register the domain through us. The main difference is that YOU will be responsible for renewing your domain and for configuring the DNS servers to point to our server through your registrar of choice instead of having it done automatically by our system.

What if I already have a domain registered?

You have 2 options:

  1. You can simply edit the Primary and Secondary servers of record to point to: &

  2. You can have us transfer the domain to our registrar so we can handle the server's and renewals for you automatically through your Client Portal.
    1. Please note: you will still have full access to your domain record & it will continue to be owned by YOU.
    2. We provide this as part of customer service to our clients at no additional cost except for the yearly renewal registration fee.
    3. All may be managed by you through our Client Portal, when transferring the domain we require the EPP Code. This code needs to be obtained from the current registrar for authorization of the transfer.
    4. When transferring a domain it automatically renews for one year so you only pay for the renewal.
    5. Note: If a domain has less than 30 days till its expiration date, typically the registrar will not allow it to be transferred until it has been renewed.

Other hosts offer "UNLIMITED" everything, Isn't that better?

We specifically do not offer unlimited everything because that would have a detrimental effect on the quality of service we stride to provide our clients. As good as "unlimited everything" sounds, you must consider that other clients would also have unlimited everything and those clients might start to abuse the system. This would have a direct effect on YOUR service. Our Controlled Business Environment maintains a maximum number of domains per server whose resources are monitored to provide a higher standard of service.

Another point to consider is how much "unlimited x" do you need? Same principle as "free refills" at a restaurant, is that a good reason to go on a special occasion? Your Business IS a special occasion.

Will the hosting price change when I place my order?

Unlike other hosting companies, which do not offer Professional Business Upgrades such as Secure Hosted Exchange, Wireless Sync, etc.. we do not play the "bait and switch game". We do not insult your intelligence by advertising a low price only to add an exorbitant setup fee at the time of order unless you pre-pay at the very least the entire year. You won't find those business practices here, the price is set and up front. You might however be pleasantly surprised on a particular discount depending on the type of promotion we are running at the time of purchase.

How do I get Started?

Review the Setup Process.

  1. Pick a Domain
  2. Decide if you need MS Exchange at this time.
  3. Order Online

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