Website Design Process

Web Design Process - The short version -

We believe in the "KISS" principle, therefore we make the design process as simple for the client as possible.

1 Initial First Meetingwebsite-meeting
Whether by phone, online, or in person, our first meeting is to acess our clients specific situation and what they are looking for to accomplish with their website. Even if they only have the basic idea it will point us in the right direction to better understand their particular needs and requirements.
At this time if there is any written literature such as brochures, presentations, images, etc.. we would request a copy to better understand the business. (Digital format preferred.)

2 Discovery Phase
web-design-discoveryBased on our initial meeting and the information available from our client we then perform a discovery phase that includes research on competing websites, services, products, etc.
Ideas to better serve their existing customers & bring the new and potential clients one step closer to the sales process.

3 Website Schema
After the Discovery phase a website schema that includes all the sites menus and navigation structure will be posted on a special site for our clients review and comments.


4 Design Start - Information Gathering
After clients approval of website schema all of the site's content information is requested from the client. The client is provided with an outline of the sites content for them to fill out. Any additional digital or printed material is also given to us to begin incorporating it into the design.

5 Design Process
After all the clients content information has been provided the site's design process begins.


6 Client Website Preview
After the design process the client receives a "behind the scenes" preview of their site for their review and comments.

7 Site Revisions
This phase allows the client to make adjustments to the site based on the initial design layout and functionality.


8 Site Launch
Site is now ready for public launch.

9 Adjustments
After site is live, if needed, client may request minor adjustments to the site.

It all starts with a Website Quote Request
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