End User Website Editing

Web Design for Content Management

A Content Management Design allows our clients to maintain their website content information without having to contact us or learn complicated html, php or any other language. This option enables users to update and change information on dynamic websites quickly and easily through a specified and secure login. 

Website Content Editing

By having this option, non-technical users who are interested in managing their own site can manage virtually every aspect of their website, from editing or adding content and images, to updating a product catalog or publishing new sevices or products.website-editor

Website Content Maintenance

For clients who prefer NOT to manage their own website(s) and rather concentrate on their business we also offer site maintenance options. This option allows us to manage the site for them where the client will submit addons/edit/changes/updates to us and we take care of the task at hand. Our customers always have the option of opting for what suits their needs best.


Automated Content for your Site

How can I constantly keep my website's content Fresh and with Relevant Articles for my visitors?

As a website business owner it is hard to have the time to keep updating the website with your own business information let alone looking up relevant information from your industry and posting it on your website daily.

AutoContent provides everything you need to enhance your website with high quality, relevant articles and videos. Simply order the automated content, add the special code on your site and let it do all the work!

Any website owner should use AutoContent!!! It's a revolutionary way to add new content to your site making it more interesting, fresh and relevant for your visitors. As a result, users will spend more time, view more pages and come back more often.

Watch your pages grow with related content in real-time, keeping your site fresh. Visitors will stay on your website longer while viewing more topics of interest, creating more opportunities to promote your business and products.

How does it work?

By implementing a portable piece of code that can be placed on your website to display AutoContent related articles and videos.Using this code you have the option of displaying related links, full articles, and/or videos.

AutoContent displays articles, blogs, and videos from a selection of an extensive and growing library of professional sources. Sources include Demand Studios, leading websites such as eHow, Blogburst and their millions of top blogs, and premium brands such as the Encyclopedia Britannica and IAC. Over 3,000 of new pieces of content are added to the library every day, covering more than 300 categories including autos, business, entertainment, finance, food, health, sports, and travel.

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QuickBooks Website Syncronization

Syncronize your Quickbooks Inventory with your Website

Quickbooks Synchronization is a solution that can integrate your ecommerce store with QuickBooks. If you are or plan to be an ecommerce merchant selling on one or more websites and use QuickBooks to manage your operations, syncronizing QuickBooks to your site will streamline your operations and save you lots of time to focus on growing your business.

By syncronizing QuickBooks you can post online orders to QuickBooks, print shipping labels, packing list, and update inventory from QuickBooks to your website.

Benefits of syncronizing QuickBooks:

  • Import online orders into Quickbooks
  • 2-way QuickBooks integration for your online store .
  • Order management - Fulfill online orders quickly by easily printing shipping labels with UPS/FedEx/USPS
  • Complimentary solution to QuickBooks - provides you with all the features you need to handle ecommerce and yet retain QuickBooks for your Inventory/Accounting functions.
  • Automatically run scheduled syncs every few minutes, hours or days
  • Update website with shipping status and tracking information
  • Create product information on website from QuickBooks
  • Update Stock quantity and /or price FROM QuickBooks to your online store
  • Online sales will reduce inventory in QuickBooks and in-store sales or Item receipts from QuickBooks will update inventory changes on website

Works with QuickBooks financial (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) and QuickBooks Point of Sale (Basic/Pro/Multi-store).

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