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The Smart Web Design Solutionsmart website design

Before planning the design of a business website it is important to consider the audience or target market as well as the purpose for the site. Sounds simple but it is imperative to clarify what it needs to accomplish and what the visitors will get from it. This will be the base for the schema and content of the design.

From the planning to the full production launch, we can bring your project from an idea to a full web presence.

Real World Applications

We understand there are no "unlimited funds" and that most of the time a small business does not have the resources available that larger corporations have. This is why we help small businesses compete with larger budgets by taking proven resources available to stretch their development dollars.

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Open Source as a Re-Source

By utilizing proven open source technologies we are able to provide our clients the best advantages when it comes to web design and performance without breaking the bank.

Instead of building an application from scratch and billing our clients from the ground up, we strategically use proven open source technologies to build the top layers of the application and thus provide a more robust application without the full cost of the entire development. Open source is widely used, you might not be aware but some of the software that is on your computer right now just might be using open source at its core.

Examples of using a Smart Design

  • Client would like to be able to present different information on their website for clients than for the visiting public. They would like to show clients ONLY price lists and new product information but they do not want this information¬† "open to the public."

    • This is a perfect example of how we could implement an open source application that has the user permissions built in where certain specified options on the site would only be available to pre-authorized users. We would not charge the client for the core development of the functionality but instead for fine tunning to the clients specifications such as what type of price lists, how to display them, etc.. which equals direct savings for our client.
  • Client would like to set up a booking system for their small hotel villa resort where customers can book rooms on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

    • Here we can use the core open source application to conform to the client's request. We would then implement a booking system to provide the custom functionality the client needs. This would save the client considerable money being that basic functionality of the application is built in and we would integrate the applications design to work on the client's website.

Why re-invent the wheel and pay for it when you can simply use the wheel to your advantage?

If resources and technology is available to help the bottom line, we believe it is only "smart" to use them. Contact us today with your business website needs, we will be happy to help.

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